Paul Larsen - world speed sailing record holder joins Pip for Fastnet

I am really excited to announce my co-skipper for this year’s Fastnet race will be Paul Larsen – the current holder of the World speed sailing record and a world class Ocean Racing sailor.


Paul’s experience is diverse and includes several world records, two circumnavigations and a recreation of Shackleton’s incredible journey from Elephant island to South Georgia. He brings with him a treasure chest of knowledge, a shared love of our incredible sport and a deep understanding of what it is like to create a campaign like mine from scratch and make it fly. 


I am both humbled and happy that someone with Paul’s experience would want to race with me, a relative novice in the IMOCA class in an older generation boat and was a little perplexed as to why. However, after meeting with Paul and partner Helena (also with an impressive ocean racing CV) at the Poole Boat Show last week, both of their clear love of the sport, understanding of what a great racing the IMOCA fleet will provide for the Fastnet and their enthusiasm and understanding of my Vendee Globe journey seemed to explain it all.


The IMOCA fleet for the Fastnet this year is 28 boats strong, we are going to have some great competition and it will be a fast and furious race. At 600 miles the race is short enough to make it almost a sprint for one of these 60ft beasts and double handing with the king of speed is going to be epic. Prepare the Superbigou to fly.

Pip Hare