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I have a boat!

My 2020 Vendee Globe Race campaign has become real. Now the hard work begins. Superbigou (the name of my boat) is in great shape, she is ready to sail and training starts in January 2019.

Next year I have two objectives; to complete race qualification and to secure a corporate sponsor for the Vendee Globe race. I need to work full time on the project to achieve these goals.

This year burning the candle at both ends has enabled me to make this campaign real. The support I have already received has been incredible and through plenty of hard graft and a lot of good will I have resourced the initial take-over of the boat, funded measurement fees to gain certification for the boat to race and covered the set-up costs for the campaign. To keep this pace up I now need to dedicate all of my time to training and finding a few big sponsors to support and be involved in the campaign. I genuinely believe this is a hugely exciting opportunity for the right organisation but I am very aware it isn’t going to just land at my feet.

At this stage, any donations to my campaign will help me honour my monthly commitments to keep Superbigou afloat. Just owning a competitive boat is no small order and I must cover charter fees, mooring and insurance which is just over £4000 a month. By way if context, If 2000 of my supporters were to make a one-off donation of £50 this would cover my base level costs for the entire campaign length. This would allow me to devote all my time into delivering the competitive and exciting race I know I am capable of.

The adventure has begun!

The Team

I It might be a solo race, but there is a wealth of skill and experience working with me to make this campaign happen.

Pip Hare

Skipper & Race Manager

Paul Peggs Shore Manager

Chris Adams Campaign Director

Co-Skipper / Training Partner TBC